nothing can be explained・゚

miscellaneous projects

i enjoy making all sorts of random stuff, especially things i haven't made before. when i get an idea in my head i will obsessively research and work on it until i have something complete.

they're very amateur and often just me playing with different functions of the programs i'm using, but i have a lot of fun with them.

slight loudness warning after the 10 sec mark

lofi track (aug 2020) made with bandlab, which is literally a mobile app with a huge variety different instruments, each of which come with several premade loops. you can change the pitch and tempo of these loops, and do all sorts of audio/eq effects. i was listening to a lot of city girl just before i made this lol.

vlog (oct 2020) made with VLLO, a mobile video editing app with lots of cute features like the recording filter i'm using. it also comes with free music but i stole moonsetter off the homestuck soundtrack for the bgm. in lockdown i was watching a loooot of aesthetic youtube vlogs like this one and this one and got really inspired to make something chill, relaxing to watch, and aesthetically pleasing but while retaining a home-made charm - i didn't want it to feel over-produced.